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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kolton's Christmas Picture

Here is my grandson Kolton's first Christmas picture. He's only two months old here but he looks like such a little man. Must be the full head of hair!!!

Hershey Park - Candy Lane

Jeff & Andrea took Mya to Hershey Park's Candy Lane on Sunday and invite me along.

Let me tell you, Hershey park takes on a whole new atmosphere when you're dressed in winter clothes. It wasn't too bad when we first got there and the sun was shining. However, as soon as the sun set, the temperature dropped into the 30's and it was cold. Mya was the only one who didn't care how cold it got. She was loving it!

Mya was fascinated by what made her horse go up & down.
Now, this ride had to be chilly.

Trimming the Tree

Our family tradition is to go out and find the perfect Christmas Tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. We downsized from a 10' to an 8' this year because the cost of trees had skyrocketed.

Mya, who was then 21 months old, wanted to get in on the decorating again this year. It takes me several days to get the lights on and completely decorate it. As you can see, Mya is a BIG help!

I'd better check to make sure they all work!

Look at me light up!

I can go way high!

Let's see. This one should go on next!

Ah, just the right spot for it!

WOW! Finally done!
And it only took four days!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Guess What!

Well yesterday was a day full of surprises. I take care of my 21 month old granddaughter during the day while her mommy & daddy work.

Now, I knew they were talking about trying for a second child, but I wasn't sure when.

However, for the past two weeks, I just had this weird feeling. Certain things just made me go Hmmmm.

Well, yesterday, when my daughter dropped Mya off, she had her dressed in this shirt!
Isn't she just the cutest thing!!!

See, a mother's instincts are always right!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Here are a few pictures of my granddaughter Mya on Halloween. She is 20 months old here.

My daughter Andrea, her mommy, made the costume for her. I'm glad she inherited at least one good talent of mine. Now if I could only get her scrapbooking!

Mya hates wearing hats, but she loved wearing her Easter Hat. So, Andrea spray painted it black and attached tulle to the head band. Now she loves it.

Here is a back view of Mya's costume. In the first picture, she was given money for Halloween. She's just staring at it wondering how she can turn it into candy!

In the second picture, she is handing back the money that was given to her. She has that disgusted look on her face as if to say, "Where's the Candy

Friday, October 24, 2008

Our New Addition

We have a new addition to our family. My son Craig & his wife Sandra gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on October 9, 2008. This is my 6th grandchild

Kolton Michael Deisher was born at 1:07 PM, weighed 8 pounds and was 20 inches long. He has brown eyes and a full head of hair.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finally, My Blog!

Welcome to my Blog. I've been meaning to develop a blog months ago, but I never made time to do so. Well, I couldn't sleep this evening and told myself, "Just Do It!" So I did.

As some of you know, I am a wife of 30 years to a fantastic loving and supportive husband, the mother of three fabulous children, and grandma to six exceptional grandchildren. I didn't think life could get any better then this and then along came Close to my Heart. A phenomenal stamping and scrapbooking company that I have been a consultant with for the past eleven years. Eleven years ago the name of the company was D.O.T.S (Dozens of Terrific Stamps).
Some of you may remember those days.

The main purpose of this blog is to share with you my deep passion for my favorite arts: scrapbooking, stamping, and paper crafting. I have several reasons for this. First of all, Family is so very important to me. So, the best way to honor my family is to preserve all of our fantastic memories through scrapbooking. A picture is just a picture without a written story behind it. Journaling is just as important as the picture you preserve. The sad thing about this is that I found this out too late in life. I was left with a very large box of photos of my parents, family and their friends. Some of those pictures go way back to the 1930's and 40's. But, that's all they are. Just a box of photos because no one ever bothered to add any type of note or information to them. So, now I have a box of pictures of people and family that I now want to know more about. However, there is no one left in my family to fill me in on any of the details. That is what prompted me to start telling my own life story through scrapbooking, so that my family won't be wondering what my life was all about long after I'm gone.